Our Story

“Rascals Tavern” was named to reflect the personality of the place itself. Defined as “a mischievous or cheeky person”, a rascal isn’t one to play by the rules. Rascals Tavern will be a place for all the rascals in town to gather, making “rascals” plural - not possessive - leaving out any apostrophes. The “tavern” is just as crucial to the name, reflecting both the menu’s contents and the brand style. 

Our Tavern was built upon the blood, sweat and tears shed by Chef & Owner Jessica Borgione during her journey through the restaurant industry. Over the course of fifteen years, Jessica has created a team of industry badasses who have come together to make Rascals Tavern a reality. Both Jessica and the city of Greensboro have developed a sense of resiliency to the challenges of their pasts, and Rascals Tavern exists to reflect that. Jessica and her team plan to defy any and all expectations by creating a welcoming environment where guests can expect top-notch food, drinks and service.

Meet Our Rascals

Executive Chef / Owner

Jessica BORGIONE opens Rascals Tavern

Jessica BORGIONE, leader of our pack of Rascals, prepares fresh food daily with passion, creativity and a little bit of mischief.

Service with a Smile

Staff at Rascals Tavern

You may arrive as a stranger but you will leave as a friend. Our well-trained team of bartender/servers will make you feel at home.

Our Talented Chefs


Chefs Chris, Mattie, Clare and Chuck blend their individual passion and creativity with food