Our Story


We strive to make your dining experience unique, flavorful and unexpected. Not your typical restaurant or bar, Rascals Tavern is a chef-owned restaurant offering fresh, flavorful dishes that reflect our rebellious nature. Chef Jessica doesn’t play by the rules when creating her flavors . . . Just sit back and enjoy!

Everything is fresh and made from scratch by order so we cannot guarantee that we will have all of the items on the menu when you visit. More popular dishes and sandwiches will sell out quickly or she may use the last of one of her fresh ingredients before the day runs out. However, Chef Jessica can whip up something unique for you . . . Especially if you have a vegetarian, vegan or gluten free diet.

Make yourself at home . . . fun for all ages can be found on the bookshelf in the hallway . . . Board games, coloring books, etc. You will also find a supersized Tic-Tac-Toe game hanging around. Dart boards are for late night when we can easily move the tables aside for some friendly competition.

Meet Our Rascals

Jessica BORGIONE opens Rascals Tavern

Executive Chef / Owner

Jessica BORGIONE, leader of our pack of Rascals, prepares fresh food daily with passion, creativity and a little bit of mischief.

Staff at Rascals Tavern

Service with a Smile

You may arrive as a stranger but you will leave as a friend. Our well-trained team of bartender/servers will make you feel at home.


Our Talented Chefs

Chefs Chris, Mattie, Clare and Chuck blend their individual passion and creativity with food